A Brief Exploration of the Source Book for Consumer Health Information

The Consumer Health Information Source Book is now in its eighth edition and is an authoritative and comprehensive guide that provides at least 2000 popular health information sources that are health-related and available to the general public. The book is presented in both electronic and print formats while resources consist of resources judged by the author as being the best materials that have been included since the book’s first edition. The book’s first edition has been released more than 20 years ago. The book contains a firm rationale relevant for consumer health information services and is still dependable as it was when it first released.

Consumers constantly require information on health and this has been the norm for a long time. The only thing that changes nowadays is how the public accesses the information being provided. Information on the subject matter of health is available to millions of people, all of whom are equipped with information gathered and the pervasive media. This is in contrast to what happened two decades ago when consumers had problems identifying information that is relevant and useful and looking for the source where the information can be extracted from. Access was only available to print resources and that was also limited. Available libraries were also not used to spreading health information across the general public.

A Brief Exploration of the Source Book for Consumer Health InformationThe situation had changed in 2002 when access to resources of both print and electronic formats were organized and became unmediated. Libraries are also more willing to and capable of responding to patients’ needs for information. Consumers’ needs for a host of services and products are also catered to. People are now welcome to libraries and gain access to health information. The presence of the source book facilitates access to health information without all the unnecessary complexity.

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