A Complete Source Book of Environmental Health Information

There is this book that has a long title with complete information on consumer health. The short title of the book is simply Environmental Health Source book but it is its subtitle that stretches a long paragraph, which includes a list of hazards to consumer in relation to the environmental concerns. The title is just too long to include here so let’s just get to the gist of it all, shall we? The book is in its fourth edition at the moment with the first edition being released all the way back in 2016. The source book was released by Omnigraphics, Inc. in Detroit, Michigan, which is a division of Relevant Information, Inc.

The source book contains 739 pages that include those that are illustrated. The source book has a host of health reference sources that also consist of index and bibliographical references. Following the chapter of preface, the book discusses the matter of health effects that environmental hazards. The chapter discusses about the overview of environmental health, the definition of toxic substances and the types of them. It also speaks of the effects that those toxic substances may have. Other subjects the chapter tackles are natural disasters and health assessment of health risk.
Chapter 2 pertains to health concerns and their environmental triggers. It also speaks of cancer and environmental concerns that may trigger it.

Carcinogens and clusters of cancer are also being discussed within the chapter. Several rare and lethal diseases are also being discussed such as COPD, Bird Flu, SARS, and West Nile Virus. It also explains about autism and its relationship with the environment. The next chapter talks about environmental hazards coming from outdoors. Topics being discussed are climate change and extreme heat, smog, particle pollution, haze and visibility, acid rain, UV radiation, noise pollution, and air pollution.

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