Healthy Tips to Prevent Disease with Sports Book Enhance Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Tips to Prevent Disease with Sports Book Enhance Healthy Lifestyle – The motto “no day without exercise” shows that sport has become entrenched in our country. This shows that awareness of body health has really been considered by the community. The type of exercise varies greatly. Various types of sports can ward off certain diseases. For example sports related to people with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, muscle disorders, disorders of pregnancy, stomach ulcers and others. Vigilance in carrying out certain sports, because the essence of exercise can cause heat stroke and other danger signs to watch out for. Don’t exercise suddenly. The importance of heating, not only to relax the muscles, but more to increase body temperature. Increased body temperature increases blood flow, nerve sensitivity, heart health, and prevents injury. Heating should not be carried out carelessly sports that are carried out suddenly can cause damage to some tissues. Simple sport like walking can relieve the trigger for recurrence of the stomach, which is stress. In essence, walking is an interlude of daily activities for those who are in a busy day.

This book also contains the problems of women in sports. For women often ask if exercise really affects the breast. Any exercise cannot enlarge the breast. The reason, the breast does not consist of muscle tissue. Even though exercise is strengthening the muscles below and tightening the skin that covers the breast. The last section addresses the needs of athletes such as protein. During this time, many people assume that athletes need high protein intake. In fact, it is not uncommon for the coach to recommend it. Excess protein will make the body fat, remaining toxic protein metabolism. The kidneys and liver must work hard to offer poisons to clean and dispose of them. Excessive protein also harms athletes because it causes fatigue. This book is classified as a book whose material is presented with straightforward language and interesting illustrations. This book has a polite expression with communicative language so that it is easily understood by all groups. In addition, this book is also supported by a good layout, attractive designs and illustrations, taking into account the level of understanding of the reader.

This book has many advantages that are presented compared to other books, namely, writing using language that is easily understood by all people at all levels, information to open insights so that they are not blind to developing health and nutrition information. In this book, besides having advantages, but also there are deficiencies in it, namely, the image presented in this book is colorless so that it could possibly lead to a lack of interest in the reader in studying the book. In addition, the quality of the paper used is also not good enough to be easily deformed or torn.