Let’s Talk More about the Source Book of Consumer Health Information

The Consumer Health Information Source Book was released first in 1981 and is currently offered in its seventh edition. The source book serves as an authoritative and comprehensive guide that offers at least 2000 popular resources of health information that are available to the general public. The source book is provided in both formats of electronic and print. The author judges included resources that are considered the best materials and those resources are included on the book since its first release more than 20 years ago. The book has features that will cater to consumers’ needs for health information.

Health Information

Said features consist of a new essay that gives information on consumer health and its development. The book also contains a list of 151 best health books for consumer, guides on home medicine, clearinghouses and information centers, electronic sources, and pamphlets. The book also has highlights that make it more interesting to read. It contains a list and reviews of important consumer health websites, newsletters, magazines, health books, as well as computer-based products. There is also a list of medical information search services, hotlines, clearinghouses, and organizations. Pamphlets offered by the book are provided in both English and Spanish. Descriptions are also included on 12 models of outstanding consumer health libraries in the US and Canada.

The book is highly recommended and the editor provides a sizeable volume of information that supports consumers, health professionals, and librarians. The Consumer Health Information Source Book is currently in its seventh edition and it has shown a consistent capability of keeping up with present changes in the systems of information delivery and healthcare. Ever since its first release, the source book has been a reliable source librarians use for referral information and collection development. All librarians have used the source book to help provide health information to the general public.

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