The Health and Science Promotion Book Opens the Public Insight

The degree of public health is influenced by 4 main factors namely, environment, behavior, health services, and heredity. Therefore efforts to maintain and improve the health status of the community must be shown on the four main factors together. Health education or promotion is essentially an attempt to intervene aimed at behavioral factors. But in fact 3 other factors need to be intervened in education or health promotion too, because behavior also plays a role in these factors. If the environment is good and the community attitude is positive, the environment and facilities will undoubtedly be used or used by the community. For those who have not entered working age, children and adolescents, or for those who have not worked (retired), and even socially productive age is having social service activities for retiree. Education cannot be separated from the learning process. Sometimes teaching materials are equated with education. Both of these meanings are indeed identical, because the learning process is in order to achieve educational goals. In other words, education is seen by teaching (learning process) seen in micro terms.

Talking about public health is inseparable from two Greek metological figures, namely Asclepius dun Higia. Based on the Greek mythical story, Asclepius is mentioned as a handsome and clever first doctor even though there is no mention of the school or education he has taken, but it is told that he can treat the disease and even perform surgery based on the procedure. As mentioned above, public Health Information is science and art. As a science, public health initially only covered 2 scientific disciplines, consists of bio-medical science (medical biology) and social sciences. However, according to the development of science, the disciplines underlying the public health sciences also developed. So that up to that time the scientific disciplines underlying the public health science included, among others, biological sciences, medical science, chemistry, physics, environmental sciences, sociology, anthropology, psychology, education science, and so on. Therefore, public health science is a multidisciplinary science.

Communication is the process of stimulating stimuli (stimulation) in the form of symbols or symbols of Language or movement (non-verbal), to find out the behavior of others. This stimulation or stimulation can be in the form of sound or spoken language, as well as in the form of movements, actions, or symbols that are expected to be understood, by others. Health promotion as a branch of health science also has two sides, namely having knowledge and art. In terms of art, namely practitioners or health promotion applications, is a support for other health programs. This means that every health program, such as eradicating disease, improving community nutrition, sanitation (cleanliness) environment, maternal and child health, health care programs, etc., needs to be supported or assisted by health promotion (in Indonesia it is often called health education).

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