Tips to Choose Supplements

Tips to Choose Supplements – Having fast paced daily live is though. People easily miss the daily nutrient and vitamin intake. Thus, they will easily get sick. To solve this problem, people start consuming supplements. It is a great way to find balanced diet without calculating manually. What are some tips to pick your supplements?

1. Note Your Own Demand
Each person looking for supplement has different conditions. Think about three things to find your body demand; how old are you? Do you have any medical conditions? What is your health problem? How is your regular diet? By combining the answers, you will have better picture of the type of supplement to take.

There are some examples to consider. A pregnant woman will be more likely to consume folic acid, which will help the infant to grow healthy. A man who has high blood sugar level and experiencing osteoporosis will take vitamin D supplement which is safe for diabetes patients. A child with health problem will get omega 3 with smaller dosage than adult.

2. Scan Carefully
In many cases, people are happy to find one matching supplement. Even worse, they buy supplement just because of TV commercials. They often forget to check its risk and benefits they way they consider it while playing Poker in site IDN Poker and try to win. Some ads elevate the good things without mentioning about the side effects. Thus, it is your obligation to do double check.

3. Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)
Be careful when you see this description on the ingredient list. It is not something advanced and fancy, but something dangerous. Supplement with GMO ingredients is more likely to contain pesticides and herbicides. Both are harmful for human and environment. These compounds are also linked to cancer and digestive problems.

4. Animal Testing
How did the manufacturer know that the supplement works? Many of them test their product on animals. For your information, animal and human have different body system. Therefore, it might not work on human. If possible, find a product tested to humans.

5. Dosage
Which one is better; high or low dosage? The answer is low dosage. Supplements act a compliment, so it is better when the supplement is absorbed slowly. High dosage supplement might be a waste, since your body cannot absorb all the nutrients.

Keep in mind that supplement cannot replace the actual meal and balanced diet. Before buying supplement, it is a must to note the vitamins you will need. Bringing prescription from your doctor will be a better option, too. Don’t forget to check for the nutrients fact, make sure your supplement has no dangerous chemical.