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Consumer Health:
Sample Course Outline

General Objective

Specific Objectives


Required Reading


Optional Reports

Due Dates


Description of Assignments

Bulletin Board Report

What's in the news

One-Page Written/Oral Reports

"Ad" analysis

Physician's qualifications

Health insurance

Yearly budget

Telephone directory

Written/Oral Reports (3-4 pages)

One report is required by each student. Oral presentation (3 minutes maximum) may be requested.

Separating Fact from Fiction


"Alternative" methods

Basic nutrition

Food fads

Weight control


Drug products

Over-the-counter drug products, skin care, and beauty aids

Vision and hearing

Optional Three- to Four-Page Reports

Students may earn extra credit toward grades upon the completion of one or more of the following. Credit will be awarded as follows: A = 3 points, B = 2 points, C = 1 point, D or less = no credit.

Consumer Action

Book Report (3 or 4 pages)

What's in the News

Internet Project

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