Consumer Health:
Ninth Edition References

The ninth edition of Consumer Health: A Guide to Intelligent Decisions was publlished in 2012. We are gradually posting the cited references with links to full-text versions or abstracts of many of them. The abstracts are located on the National Library of Medicine's PubMed site, which provides another way to locate additional information by clicking on the "Related Articles" link to the right of the citation. If a link does not work, the publication might still be located by searching for the title with Google or pasting the old link into the Wayback Machine. Note that some of chapter number and titles differ from those of the eighth edition.

    1. Consumer health issues
    2. Separating fact from fiction
    3. Frauds and quackery
    4. Advertising and other marketing practices
    5. Science-based health care
    6. Mental and behavioral help
    7. Dental care
    8. The "CAM" movement
    9. A close look at chiropractic
    10. Basic nutrition concepts
    11. Nutrition fads, fallacies, and scams
    12. Weight control
    13. Fitness concepts, products, and services
    14. Personal Health and Safety
    15. Cardiovascular diseases
    16. Cancer
    17. Drug products
    18. Skin care and image enhancement
    19. Sexual and reproductive health
    20. Health devices
    21. Coping with death
    22. Health-care facilities
    23. Health insurance
    24. Health care financing
    25. Consumer laws, agencies, and strategies

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